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 Who Is Wimpy?


Wimpy started playing guitar as Zdeněk Tichota. After three years of peaceful no-work in OKD guitar lessons, he got a new trainer named Zdenek Fišer. Although reluctantly, he kept on attending the lessons. Zdenek Fišer (the "Crissa") made the Jazz&Fusion music accessible to him. In his very first performance, he played bass guitar as an alternate for an ill classmate in the OKD final performances. He made his first steps with a band Nová Vize. There, he made use of what he learned from Crissa. Later on, he became a member of a rock-oriented band Barracuda. His inclination to bass guitar techniques made him gradually improve playing this instrument, too. Crissa noticed Wimpy´s skills and tried playing a few standards with him and Crissa´s wife Irena. On this account, Fišergang band was born. With this formation, he made the legendary performances at PKS. After a while, he started playing in the Impuls band, which was one the Crissa´s cult formations.

The engagement in Slávek Janda´s soul-funk "Yandim Band" where he played with several excellent musicians was important. In this period, the Runaway band was established. Wimpy returned to playing guitar there. Another major rope was into Luboš Andršt´s Acoustic set, which Wimpy managed to electrify into Luboš Andršt Group. Luboš got Wimpy engaged in his Blues Band, too. In the Blues Band, Wimpy played with several foreign singers. A prestigeous offer came also from Jiří Stivín for his company and the engagement in the Hot Line group was important, too. The last Wimpy´s actvity is performance in the Michal Prokop´s Framus 5, Luboš Andršt Group, Luboš Andršt Blues Band, Jiří Stivín and Co., Hot Line.